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Start script for 9-U floating license

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We are running 9-U with WIBU license server for our students.

Our problem was that each student had to define the server address in controlpanel:WIBU, to get access to the license server. And they are not allowed to do anything in the controlpanel.

Made a package of script to fix this. Se appended file.
Unpack the .zip file on a share, floppy or USB memory.
edit wibu.reg to set "server1" to the dns of your license server, and "server2" to the IP-address of your license-server.

Then check that install.bat and ArchieCad_start.bat fits to your installation and run it
Install.bat will copy
ArchieCad_start.bat and wibu.reg to your ArchieCad installation folder.
Replaces ArchieCAD 9 shortcut on the desktop.

NOTE: check that all scrpits applies to your setup before running them.

Rev 1 Note: please add the line:
copy "ArchiCad 9.lnk" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD 9-u\"
to install.bat

-- BG --
Sven-Erik Tiberg
Lulea Univ of Techn. Sweden