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Unable to click anything outside the Archicad window

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As the subject states, I keep getting this weird bug/issue in AC19, which completely prevents me from clicking anything outside the Archicad window, including the taskbar. AC itself works just fine and I can use the mouse there normally, it's just as if the mouse is somehow locked to just that one window. This only affects mouse clicks. I can, for example, move the mouse anywhere or alt+tab to other windows or to desktop, but no clicking can be done there either.

I'm usually running multiple instances of AC (for module editing etc) and the other instances of AC do not respond either, only the one that I was working with when the bug happens. AC is not in "not responding" mode according to task manager. It actually seems to be working perfectly fine otherwise. I'm not exactly sure how to reproduce this issue, but it happens quite frequently and only with Archicad. I have tried somewhat extensive searching on this matter, but didn't find any mention of a similar bug.

The only thing that I've found that helps is pressing ctrl+alt+delete, and while in the lock screen menu there (or whatever it's called), CLICKING on a menu item, such as task manager, somehow "activates" the rest of the system and after that I'm able to click stuff again. I don't have to actually start task manager, though. After clicking on a menu item I can just press esc and resume working. After a while the problem repeats and I repeat the process of ctrl+alt+delete.

My OS is Windows 10 pro 64bit (recently upgraded from win7 pro, but the same problem was also present in win7 and the solution to it was also the same). I'm using the AC19 EDU 5005 finnish version (64bit also).

I'm using corsair k70 rgb as keyboard and Roccat Kone XTD as a mouse with the corresponding drivers, which are up-to-date. Both of these devices have a program-based profile switching feature (which is quite useful for me in AC), but I'm not sure if the problem can be caused by that. However, I use said features with pretty much all programs and this problem only happens with AC.

Does anyone have a clue on what could be going on here?

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