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I have a file that was created in Version 16, had a major computer issue, and can not go back to Version 16 and now trying to open files in Version 27. Since I can't go back a save my file at ver 17 which was the note I received to open the file, how can now open my files in version 16? please help


Based on this document you should be able to open it in 26. Re-Save it and then open it in 27.

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Thank you! Right now I only have a trial version of Archicad 27, I'll ask if they can supply me with version 26, thanks again!

Just download it from the Graphisoft web site ...


Make sure you choose the language version and operating system version that you want.



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Barry, thank you for the assistance!!!

Eduardo Rolon

Take in consideration that ALL of the work done on a TRIAL version WILL be LOST since based on the trail agreement you will need to buy a license at the end of the trial period to remove the trial DRM,

If you uninstall the TRIAL version there is no way to recover the file.

If you don't buy after the TRIAL ends the file is permanently lost.

You CANNOT open a file created in a TRAIL version on any other AC version.

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