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Archicad 26

Will the upcoming Graphisoft event include the release of Archicad 26?

KeesW by Advocate
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Resolved! Archicad neither fully installed nor fully uninstalled

I just re-installed Windows 10 in my machine and then proceeded to install Archicad. However things were far from smooth. For some reason the application showed an error right at the end of the installation process (I cannot remember what message was...

Archicad 25 Saves are taking longer on 2nd computer

IT guy here one of our employers switched to a different computer Custom Box i7-9700k 3.6ghz, 32gb ram, GTX 1070, SSD running Archicad 25 updated saves are taking up to a minute to save on the server. User was using a newer compact mini dell i7-10700...

Asmo by Newcomer
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Keyboard Shortcuts

Hello everyone. I am using Archicad 25 Student Version and I have some kind of keyboard shortcut problem. "CTRL + i" command means intersecting the corners in the default version of Archicad 25. When I try to use that command nothing happens. So I ch...

Can I add a diffrent Language to Archi ?

Hi, like in the Text above I would like to know how / or If I can add a diffrent language to ArchicadI have the International Version installed, but I need my Plans In German.However when I install the german Version the Shortcuts dont work anymore f...

kyoto5 by Participant
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Cineware using memory and has never been used

I typically have 5 or more instances of AC open. I have never needed Cineware or tried to use it. When I look at my Mac's memory usage each open instance is using a lot of memory for Cineware. Is there away to turn it off? Thanks

Resolved! Archicad menus speak in tongues

Opening a file in AC25 SPA and bringing in a Work Enviroment created in AC25 INT, gets you this. (Colors are mine, just trying to find patterns.)Is that a bug or a feature?

Ignacio by Advisor
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Resolved! Crash AC 25 How to re-open file

Hi I get crash and I have set like that my file be save every-each step Why I can find only my file what was saved 1,5 before crash ? - When I reach adres where suppose be saved crash file how can i opened ? It's not pln or pla. Can you help me with ...

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