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Apple Magic Mouse

Anybody use this? I've always hated this mouse because it's not ergonomic. But I ordered some attachments that might help with that. Anyways, I don't know why, but I pulled mine out of the drawer and gave it a go in Archicad and wow.... it's actually...

rarino5 by Participant
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Missing Libraries in Windows 10 Archicad 24

Hello, I am trying to install the libraries for the firm I work at but many are still missing after attempts to reload them or add them from different locations. Some items are in the file but others (namely doors and windows) remain missing. It seem...

georgia by Participant
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Hello, Is it normal that on any given working day of working on Archicad, the software craches at least twice. Today i just lost 4 hours of work. Do i charge it to the client saying the software craches and made me lost stuff? Thanks!

Archicad Forum and and an IPAD

The browser for an IPAD is not compatable with this forum.The problem in when I transfer into a conversation and then GO BACK it takes me all the way back to the first page of the Forum. That means I have to scroll through 20 pages is to get back to ...

Best computer for Archicad and Twin Motion?

Hey guys,I am on the journey of finding the best computer to run these two programs. I have my eye on this mac studio. Here are the specs:Apple M1 Max with 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine64GB unified memory512GB SSD storageIs mac any ...

ajihu by Participant
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Archicad deployed with Citrix

Does someone has a recent experience with an Archicad use within a citrix environement, with teamwork files ?Is this a process "known and tested" by Graphisoft ? I would gladly read your experiences if you have some.

Purchasing new Desktop

Good afternoon,I am wanting to purchase new Desktop computer for Graphisoft ArchicadDoes Windows 11 support Archicad 25 onwards ?Thankyou,Jon Ninyett

eaglejon by Participant
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