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Version 18 bugs

I just updated my ArchiCAD 18 to build 4020 and there are still certain things that did not seem to get fixed.

- slab thickness seems to show a strange number when stretching in section/elevations (no problem in 3d view seemingly).
- sometimes when I change line pens in plan views it does not take affect until I restart ArchiCAD ... eg. tried changing PEN #3 to pink. Save the new penset and nothing changed. In below example I have every pen set to yellow - pen set set to custom but I also tried saving the penset with it's own name and it has no affect on the plans. All my other pensets created earlier seem to work. I assume if I restart ArchiCAD it may take affect. Either way it seems to be an issue. I has happened to me on more then one project and more then one template.
ArchiCAD 10 - 25 | Windows 10
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Marton Kiss
We confirm that the slab issue is also a bug, we are working on the solution. Apologies for this.

Marton Kiss
VP, Product Success
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