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When will ghost story slow-down issue on MAC be fixed?

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When Ghost Story is visible on my MAC Archicad drags big time! Has this been fixed?
Please help!
Karl Ottenstein
Well, sure... they completely got rid of ghost stories many years ago. OK, sorry to joke...but it's true. There is no feature called 'ghost story' any longer.

The Trace and Reference feature can give you two kinds of reference drawings - either a viewpoint... which will use exactly the same layers as your active view... or a view ... which has its own layers, model view options, etc.

When you use a viewpoint... then T&R is identical to the old ghost story... and it is inconceivable that anyone would notice any delays.

If you use a view, then AC has to generate a completely different view...with all the associated settings... and depending on the complexity of the model and the speed of your machine, it will be slower. Personally, on the machine listed in my signature, I've never had any delays with any kind of T&R for residential sized projects.

Can you describe what your active view and your trace reference are when you are having issues? Is the reference a View vs viewpoint? If you can get away with a viewpoint, it will be much faster.
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Thanks Karl,
Yes, right, Trace and Reference is what I am referring to, and it's when I am view 'Below current story' or 'Above current story' or anything for that matter, there's anywhere from a 1/2 second delay up to a second every time I drag around with the hand. For this reason, I really can't use the trace reference and work, it's painful. I read some other posts in the past that said this was a problem with AC17 and Macs that needed to be fixed, but seems you don't have this problem?
Karl Ottenstein
Hi Adrian,

I'm not sure what to suggest... other than perhaps contact support. I've never had any delays for tracing viewpoints or views n my 6 year old Mac Pro...

Maybe someone else has run into this and knows what might be going on?
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AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.3, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB
Stress Co_
There was a know issue with Retina Displays:
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...and some discussion here:
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