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Will ArchiCAD 22 run in macOS Ventura?

Duane Meyers

I'm currently running macOS Monterey and need to upgrade to macOS Ventura. I run AC 26 for all my new projects, but still have several AC 22 projects that I have to get into from time to time. When I have tried upgrading them to AC 26 they run slow. The only issue I currently have with AC 22 in Monterey is that it crashes open closing (aggravating)... will AC 22 do the same in Ventura?



Hello @Duane Meyers ,


I run Ventura 13.3.1 and my AC 21 still runs ok. If you have to upgrade, you could create a time machine backup before so you can revert back to it if things don't go well. |
AC21 FRA 3005 - AC24 FRA 7600 - AC26 FRA 4027 | MacBook M1 Pro

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