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CPU not running at 100% ? why ? (Archicad 25)

So I am making a elevation model from contour lines... and there is alot of lines, with a 1m spred... (its a 5k square)What i am doing is, i have made mesh shape, over a worksheet containing my contour lines...With my Wand, i am picking out every sin...

Archicad 25 edu license on Archicad 20

Using macbook pro 8,2 2.0Ghz 4gb ram running Mac os high Sierra. Since Archicad 25 won't install, I downloaded and installed Archicad 20 but my Archicad 25 edu license says it is not valid on my installed Archicad 20, how do I go about getting edu li...

Maggynew by Participant
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Build 4013 under Monterey

I couldn't delay a computer upgrade any longer, so I have a new M1 Max Mac with Monterey. I knew, of course, I'd have issues, but I've had none of the problems documented. Here are what I've found with my first hour of work. Select a newly created sl...

Flashing Windows

There's an annoying thing that happens while im working in 3D window where the ground floorplan keeps flashing while im in 3D view. Anyone else seen this in Archicad 24? Windows 10 Pro x64Lenovo 100, Core i5-4288U @2.6GHz, 8gb Ram,Archicad 24, Update...

Ayanda by Newcomer
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Archicad closing error

Hi everyone. Does anybody knows why every time I close my Archicad app (on MacOs 12.1); a pop up of gsreport shows up, saying that the app was closed unexpectedly, when I just entered command+q. I tried uninstalling my Archicad 25 version, and instal...