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Resolved! BIMcloud basic backup not working

Hi, I need help with performing backup for BIMcloud basic. I've encountered a problem with my BIMcloud. I've accidentally uninstalled everything without performing a backup first.So I've managed to pull everything back with the data recovery program,...

filip Booster
  • 2 replies

Resolved! student licence

hello. I was a student at University but then i changed my college. Now, i couldn't access my new license. I'm still an architecture student! Please help me. I sent my documents to you for proofing that Im still a student. But nobody returned me. I c...

suozel Participant
  • 8 replies

Archicad22 to download

Hello, can someone explain to me how to download Archicad 22. On my personal page I can download only Archicad25, I don't need it. As well as, receiving a student license for 22 second version. I browsed all the Graphisoft website, and couldnt dowloa...