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archicad 13 student version installation problem

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i tried to install archicad 13 student version on windows 7. after the installation procedure (with the correct product key and everything) it said that installation was successful... the only thing is that when i try to start archicad, it gives an error message that it can't find archicad.exe... when i click on the proprieties of the icon, it says it IS archicad.exe.
i tried 3-4 times to first uninstall the program and then download and install it again but every time it says the same thing.

i don't know if that has any meaning, but the icon on the desktop does not have archicad logo, but in the list of programs to uninstall it has the correct logo...

how could i make it work?
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You may try contacting your local reseller and requesting an install DVD. From my experience downloading can be incomplete.

Then uninstall the downlaoded version and install the software from the DVD entering in your EDU serial number.

Also I have found that being disconnected from the internet when running the install can help.
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