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'cannot save plan file'

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WHY?...This is an ongoing project, we are making a major renovation, and ArchiCAD won't let me save either my .pla or .pln file...WHY?

I NEED TO CHANGE THE FILE NAME, DATE AND SAVE, so the changes made today reflect where we were, but no matter what i do, ArchiCAD won't save my file....WTF!?

David Shorter
Not sure which version you are using but 19 is not up to date in your signature. I seem to remember this was happening sometimes with the original build 3003.
Also check that you have read write delete and rename access to the folder you are saving too
Archicad 4.1 to 26 Apple Silicon
you can't build a line
Mac Studio
iPad Pro

I had the same problem after updating java.

I deleted java and went back to the recommended java version and everything went back to normal.

see this page for the correct java version for your archicad:

OS X won't let you install an older version of java so you have to manually delete it.
To do so open and terminal and enter these two commands:
sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
sudo rm -fr /Library/PreferencesPanes/JavaControlPanel.prefpane


then install the correct java version given by the first link.

you should then be able to save you file as usual.

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