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cant uninstall archicad 15 - need 'archive.jar'

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i don't know why, but suddenly my archicad 15 edu just doesn't open, when i click the icon it seems to load, the 'welcoming' graphic comes up, but after a moment it stops responding and thats that. i was thinking of uninstalling and installing, but i cant because i get an error that i don't have the 'archive.jar' file from the 'uninstall' folder. reinstalling didn't help. i tried using the 'archive.jar' from my older archicad 14 which still works and has that file, yet that doesn't work either, although it tries...
anyway i think the easiest way would if someone could share this file or send it to me - it seems that it has to be an archicad 15 one.
in case, this is my email -
ofcourse i'd appreciate also if there was some other way or explaination why doesn't archicad 15 work in the first place.
anyway thanks in advance, take care.

edit: i forgot, i use 64-bit on windows7.
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