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more bugs


ok, so i did a search to find some threads about bug reporting and came across this.

now i'm not sure if this is obsolete or if the bug reporter itself is buggy. but i start the GSReporter, as per the instructions in the article,  it asks for my email, check the box to accept terms etc. click ok and..... nothing. is this manual reporting option no longer available? 

latest bugs

1. when selecting favourites using the little arrow to the side of the tool icon, like the label tool for example, it opens the tool setting dialogue not the favourites. it takes a few times before it invokes favs. of course i could go to the favourites within the settings dialogue, but that's no the point.

2. moving section markers is still buggy, i reported this and it was acknowledged a long time ago. select the marker, and click on drag in the pet pallet and the marker shifts away from the curser. so one must deselect the marker and start again, this time it works.

3. sometimes dimension leader lines shoot off to infinity and have to be manually dragged back to the correct snap point.

4. level dimension tool doesn't seem to use the angle you set. even when using the eyedropper. i set mine to 338.41deg  in the tool settings, but it places it at 316.81deg. , use the eyedropper, same thing. copy and paste seems to work fine and so does dragging a copy.

5. ...


Operating system used: Mac Apple Silicon sonoma

MAC Studio 2022 M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, 10 cores, AC27 5030 Apple Silicon USA
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I will report these to GS HQ. Meanwhile, it would be helpful if you could upload screenshots or short videos of all these issues to illustrate exactly what is happening.

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please see the attached. the issue with selecting tool favourites is random.

MAC Studio 2022 M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, 10 cores, AC27 5030 Apple Silicon USA

Your signature says you are running AC 26 USA build 5003.  Is this the version where you are seeing your issues?


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  • Oops. No, ac27 silicone latest build. I’ll update my signature when I get back to the office. Thanks for pointing that out 
MAC Studio 2022 M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, 10 cores, AC27 5030 Apple Silicon USA

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