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Resolved! Updates for AC26 NOR 4022 and INT 4019

Hello, In AC26 updates it is shown that 4022 build is released, it quite strange that NOR version have bigger build number than INT version 4019 (4022 > 4019) and what is more strange that NOR don't have 4019 build. Also in "List of Improvements" its...


Open teamwork project via desktop shortcut

Hi, Am wondering if it is possible to setup a desktop shortcut (or batch script) to open a teamwork file? I know you can open a PLN by just adding the file path after the Archicad.exe path, but obviously not as straightforward for a teamwork file. Th...

scottjm by Expert
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Archicad "loses" the dongles

Hi guys!We have an issue with our network dongles...They are on a separate machine, that also hosts our BIMcloud Basic. From a few days ago, without any obvious change, except the BIMcloud update, the other machines that pull the licenses from these ...

Resolved! OpenGL version and GPU support

Hii! After udpating Archicad to ver 25, open GL doesn´t work anymore. I can only see 3D in vector mode, which is for my laptop (with GPU MX150) of course too much to handle. How can I check which OpenGL version Archicad 25 use and if GPU MX150 suppor...

ananas by Enthusiast
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Bug Reporter

Hello,This is my first time trying Archicad. After installing, restart Windows, run Archicad from the Desktop icon, Bug Reporter appears and after I hit the "OK" button, nothing happens. Program is closing and I can not open Archicad. I trayed versio...

Resolved! Why do my tools show coordinates instead of dimension?

My Archicad crashed today,and after it started back up,all my tools started to show coordinates instead of dimensions.I find this extreamly annoying,but i have no clue how to change it back,and i don't seem to know how to search for this either,becau...

adiftbv by Newcomer
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