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[BUG] Empty layer name field causes crash

Running AC26 INT 4019 on Windows 10 and using the default template.Deselecting a layer with a empty name field prompts a waring and reverts to the previous name. Closing the warning either through x or OK selects the layer. This seem to work as inten...


Mac Studio unimpressive?

Well, I got my Mac Studio and upgraded to V26 apple silicon and so far, meh. But I’m not convinced that there isn’t something wrong with my machine. I have several issues like spinning beach ball when saving a small file and when I pan in 2d the view...

Resolved! CI Tools with AC 26 for Apple Silicon

AC 26 for Apple Silicon US isn't recognizing any of the CI Tools Add-Ons. I'm still able to use the CI Tools Door and Window objects but get the warning about missing add-ons on opening project files and the Add-On Manager says all of the CI Tools Ad...

GS Downloads Page

The current state of the GS Downloads page is completely shambolic. I appreciate that the web page has been re-formatted in an attempt to make it easier to use, but for the last two months it's transformation has not gone smoothly. Further, if you pr...

Resolved! AC26 build 4019 bug

Hi Everyone,After updating AC26 to build 4019 a new issue appeared. When I print something after closing the print dialog box the cursor switches to cut mode (arrow + scissor) and becomes irresponsive. Only after clicking into another window outside ...

csabago by Contributor
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Archicad 25 not accelerating

Hello, I am having a bit of an Issue with my Archicad. In words, when I'm doing anything, but literaly anything, even just moving some text, the Archicad is extemely unresponsive and pretty much unworkable. And as a bonus, same happens with drawings,...

MacaPowa by Participant
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