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Resolved! Graphisoft Downloads Error

Hi Everyone,I cannot download the installation links of the archicade of the features downloaded from the website. I am getting this error even though my internet speed is normal. I request your help on the matter.

Archicad 26 Apple silicon low core usage on M1 Max

Hello everyoneMy first forum post here - I hope I put it in the correct section, if not, feel free to move this thread and accept my humble apologies I think I found a possible bug in the (as of right now) current Archicad 26 GER release for Apple si...

mrecinar by Contributor
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RTX A4000 graphics card (16Gb)

Good Morning,I would like to know if anyone uses an RTX A4000 graphics card (16Gb) in Archicad and later in Twinmotion.If so, what is your performance and degree of satisfaction with it?

RCA by Contributor
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Resolved! Cannot log on to BIMcloud Basic

Hi allToday, all of a sudden, while working in Archicad 25 6000 Int Full, Win 10, we lost the logins to the BIMcloud Basic. Archicad and browser say that the usernames and passwords, that we are using normally, are invalid. We cannot login from Archi...

Archicad benchmark tool

Hii! There is no benchmark available for identifying which computers fullfill Archicad requierements and which not for Archicad, right? In some other softares looks something like this:Lumion benchmark example In case something like this exist, I app...

Benchmark lumion.jpg
ananas by Enthusiast
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External monitor scales some elements

Hi! My external monitor scales certain elements in Archicad in particular. It does this every time I use my monitor, no matter if I reboot or reconnect and no matter which AC version I've used. I have tested the resolution and scaling in Windows, but...


[BUG] Empty layer name field causes crash

Running AC26 INT 4019 on Windows 10 and using the default template.Deselecting a layer with a empty name field prompts a waring and reverts to the previous name. Closing the warning either through x or OK selects the layer. This seem to work as inten...