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Resolved! Ventura bugs

Since updating to Ventura (wrong move it seems) some pln's, but not all, crash selecting print setup via MacOS. I haven't tried via Publisher since via Mac is easier. This is a major bug for me as I need to open several pln's each day and print pdf s...

Resolved! Archicad 26 - cant save as. MacOS 13.0.1 Ventura

Has anyone else had this bug before? I cant save my file, all of a sudden. Saving the file seems to work when using the regular save function, but when trying to save the file as a new file the dialogue box is cropped. The text field is hidden, and t...

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 09.56.25.png
Maronsen by Contributor
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Ventura and Archicad 26 very slow

Hi....I am NOT an IT I may have made some mistakes when installing AC26 and Ventura. Last Fall I installed AC26 on the previous macOS. Then a week or two ago I upgraded to Ventura. After upgrading I noticed that switching between pla...

Protection Key Problem

Hello,Recently, I had to reinstall my PC, which meant that Archicad and SalesCAD were deleted off of it. I did have my discs for Archicad and SalesCAD and managed to install them but upon running the programs I'm getting "Protection key not respondin...

Gattsun by Beginner
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BIMx file not opening on Windows?

Hi there, I have a bimx file (c.850mb) which I can open on my iPad. On Windows, MacOS and Chrome Browser, however, the application is stuck in the opening loop. The demo file can be opened. Any suggestions how to solve the issue?

4more by Newcomer
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Intel Celeron N5095

Hi everyone,I would like to buy a new laptop and I was wondering if Archicad is supporting processor like the Intel Celeron N5095 on windows 11Thanks for answers!

Svetlana by Participant
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