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mouse pan/zoom not working in A11

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my mouse pan/zoom facility is not working in archicad 11 (update 1159) althuogh it is working in every other program perfectly.

is there a way of turning it on off, it will only scroll.

in autocad there was the variable of intellizoom, maybe there is something like this in archicad?

i've tried clicking the scroll-zoom button to no avail.

the mouse is a HP optical. we have the same mouse on 20 other archicad pc's here and dont have this problem. i will look to see if the mouse drivers are different on this one to the other pc's.

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Hi Percy,

Check in the system mouse settings - the wheel button should be set to 'middle button' for the pan and zoom to work properly. If it is set to autoscroll or something exotic, strange things seem to happen!

Hope that solves your problem.

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