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plotmaker 9 "not enough memory to complete this operati

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We have found a problem recently with plotmaker 9. After updating a viewset, not a particularly large or complicated plan, an error message saying “not enough memory to complete this operation” occurs, and this prevents printing, by blocking the redraw. The problem is confusing because the drawing can work in plotmaker, if you are zoomed in, or if the display is set to bitmap (which saves memory), but it still wont print or plot because of the error. This is a new problem, which has happened to two projects which were originally working in version 8.1. If the drawing is saved as 8.1, and updated in plotmaker 3.1 it works!

Do you have any suggestions?



This has happened to me recently as well - on a title page that had a bunch of placed images (maps, renderings etc...). After MUCH cursing and head scratching, I found that an image (or two, I can't remember) had been duplicated and enlarged somehow and had been turned transparent so I couldn't see them - opperator error no doubt! My display options were such that "image handles" were turned off. When I turned them on, I saw some extra handles, deleted the offending image(s), and was back in business. I'm working on a Powerbook G4 w/1GB ram - which I thought ought to be enough for just about anything. One thing you didn't mention was your setup?
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I just experienced a similar problem trying to copy text blocks from plotmaker 9.0 into 3.1 . Same error message. Seems to me that 9.0 and 3.1 are handling text differently. I prefer to keep projects started with one version of archicad or plotmaker in that version for the life of the project, I know there are a lot of people who feel the program should be forward compatible but I have found it is easier to deal with the shortcoming of the last version then deal with these types of problems. Hope this gives you a clue or some help.


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The problem was actually to do with images. For some reason there were hidden figures, images I couldn’t see that were causing the problem. I selected all figures and deleted them from archicad, and it works in plotmaker now. However it does seem weird that A) they were invisible, and B) there was no problem with them in archcad 8.1, and C) that the viewset is cropped, meaning information around it shouldn’t affect the ‘pmk’; only the info you can see is brought into plotmaker, not the whole drawing?



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