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problem with .lnk


Hello. I inadvertently deleted an important backup in .bpn format from my computer. Using a data recovery program, I was able to retrieve this file, but only in . lnk format, which I cannot open or use. Is there any way to save it please? Thank you


Hi Dominika.

*.lnk is just a shortcut (link) for recently opened file. It merely points to the location of the actual file. However, since the target file has been deleted, it will do nothing.

Is the .bpn file important because you want to revert to an earlier version of the design?

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I worked with the .bpn version by mistake for three days. I thought I was working in the .pln version, so I later deleted the .bpn version. So now I need to go back to the deleted .bpn version. Since I was working and saving the .bpn version, it was not saved in the .pln version.

Eduardo Rolon

In that case there should be a FileName.BPN.BPN which is the backup of the one you were working on.

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Also I believe as the BPN file is worked on, it will automatically save as a PLN file.

I may be wrong as it is a while since I have done this.


And if you have deleted the BPN file, do you have a recycle bin where you can find it?

I know Windows OS does, not sure about Macs.




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Yes. what you say makes sense. But I can't find any file even when I put it in the search.

I emptied the recycle bin. That's why I can't access that file now.


But I have a file where in the properties it says that it was created on 9.11. and modified 2.11. But when I open it, there is an old version from 2.11.

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There is a feature on Windows called File Recovery. Using it you may recover lost or deleted files.

I have not tried it so you will have to read and apply what you read on that web page yourself, I can not help with that:

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