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scrolling zoom for various mouse types

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Has anyone out there noted that certain mouse types don't allow for zooming or when you hold the scroll as a button the pan function doesn't work.

With microsoft three button mouse we've had the case that when you plug it in without the driver installed - it works fine in archicad. However, if you install the driver to get other functions specific to the mouse - in Archicad the zoom and pan functions don't work.

This recently happened with a wireless mac mouse likewise.

Any thoughts?

Using OS 10.3.9 and Archicad 10
Rod Jurich
pdeppe wrote:
Any thoughts?
USB Overdrive.
Assign the scroll wheel as "Middle Click" to get
the Pan function.
Rod Jurich
AC4.55 - AC14 INT (4204) |  | OBJECTiVE |
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Rob is right. Assign the scroll nipple on the mighty mouse as 'button 3'.
For Microsoft Mice, you need Microsoft Intellipoint Driver 6.2 you can then assign the wheel button to 'Handled by OS'. Now your good to Pan

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