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Heap Zone?

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Hi, when i want to save my file in pln format, but a problem pop up said that no enought room in the heap zone. anyone know what is that & how to solve the problem.. Thanks
A "Heap Zone" is where i park my car.

In Archicad, however, a number of issues arise to cause the problem, most notably:

heap zone stuff right here, buster.
Dwight Atkinson
Do you have any percentage fills assigned to your materials, that show in section or elevation? That might be one of the reasons.

Bottom line: your file is getting too fat for the computer.

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HP Omen
Just to let you know that i've had a miserable 10 days trying to generate/publish 10 elevations/sections of our current project: The file size of the project that encompasses 30 villas, 66 flats in 3 blocks, and a reception building on a beach front site started at 32Mb and finished at 1.12Gb once the elevations/sections were generated/published!

But the real anguish came from the incessant 'not enough space in heap zone' messages, or the 'cannot save file: File size too big' messages that often necessitated deleting the cache files and/or rebooting, the 15mins it takes to save the file, which I need to do every few moves to attempt to avoid overloading the heap zone, and the huge expenditure of time.

I appreciate that it is a big project, but (as a non-techie) I fail to see why AC11 cannot use the hard disk to supplement the heap zone & get the job done: This is, after all, market leading software intended for large firms working on large projects.......

Oh well, rant over.......just needed to vent my spleen.......

Atleast I got there in the end!

I now just need to find a way of reducing the 75Mb PDF of the elevation/section drawing so that I can send it in a manageable fashion to partners/printers, etc.....
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that used to happen rarely for us in AC9. Not anymore since 11.
But what i used to do is: close 3D window at all, hide every layer before a save. That frees up memory.
Than also i would make sure where you save it has enough space (keep in mind: your filesize + whatever the OS takes for caching that what is the minimum space - the rule of thumb is: never let free space under 30% of the harddrive capacity)

Anyhow it worked for me...
Mishi Szabo
Urban Strategies Inc.

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I am having the same problem today with sketch renders. I can see that the images are taking archicad to about 1.4 GB of memory and then I get the error message. I have 6.5GB on this machine and 4 processors. Its ridiculaous that only 25% CPU is used (ie only 1 processor is used by ArchiCAD) and I still run out of RAM. Is there a maximum limit ArchiCAD can use? I think GS needs to get on that rewrite of ArchiCAD to use todays computer technology. With the sophistication of modeling and the proression to nonlinear building forms, software needs to work harder to produce 3D. Therefore more CPUs and more ram need to be accessible to todays designers. Its a waste of hardware when you are sitting on 8 cores and can only use 1. [ADD whip crack!]
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"Dwight" wrote:
A "Heap Zone" is where i park my car.

In Archicad, however, a number of issues arise to cause the problem, most notably:

heap zone stuff right here, buster.

Hi everyone, just trying to help. I figured out a method, and i'm not sure it is THE method, but it worked after trying everything else recommended on here which didn't.

This heap zone problem isn't about nero taking up too much memory and stuff like that. It's within archicad itself. Whle we're working we generate the 3D window, sections, elevations, etc... But they ALL stay open and active behind the 2D floor plan window. The trick is to minimise your 2D floor plan within the archicad window, and close everything else off. THEN you can save your files.

Hope it helps. What is even weirder was that link you gave up there. The topic from that link is actually LOCKED. Why would someone do that?

Anyhow, good luck.
Barbara Sommer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hello everybody

Here are a few things worth to know and take care of when working on big projects like most of you.
Please read through the following article and the "Big Building Whitepaper"pdf:

This can really help to understand what should be taken care of.
Barbara Sommer
Technical Support Team
Budapest, Hungary
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