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AC 11 Interior Wizard problem

Craig Bagley
I've given up trying to solve this one:

I have an irregular shaped zone I'm using with the Interior Wizard. IW places a Wall Accessory (Moldings and Panel 11) on 7 of the 8 wall surfaces. Nothing seems to work on the eighth wall. I've tried adjusting the zone hotspots for alignment, moving the adjacent walls, changing the adjacent walls, deleting the door, changing Intersection Groups for overlapping elements that might conflict, changing numerous settings in the Wall Accessory Tool Panels, changing to the other Wall Accessory (Wall Finish 11), deleting and recreating the zone, changing zone height and boundaries slightly, and closing and reopening the file. The problem manifests itself in other rooms (for experiment), always on the same room facing.

Any clues?

AC20 USA/Build 8005
15" MBP, 16 GB RAM
macOS 10.13.6
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Try to copy-paste the Zone and surrounding Walls into a clean brand new file and do the Interior Wizardry there. If it works there you can copy-paste the result back.
I am guessing maybe some element is causing the trouble which in the clean file will not be present.
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Erika Epstein
Also, check that the reference lines of the walls are all intersecting correctly so they are forming a complete circuit.
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Craig Bagley
Erika, Laszlo:

Thank you for your help, and apologies for not responding sooner (sidetracked by looming deadlines, as usual).

I checked wall intersections, zone boundaries, and used the copy/paste technique into another file. The problem reoccurred. Then I tried eliminating superfluous elements in the test file. No change. Then I deleted and recreated the Zone, and after utilizing the Interior Wizard again, the missing wall panels finally appeared. I'm not fully sure why it finally worked, but I could copy/paste the missing panels back into the regular file. All is well.

Thank you again.
AC20 USA/Build 8005
15" MBP, 16 GB RAM
macOS 10.13.6

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