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AC11 Elevator object

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hi, I'm working with AC11, and am trying to place an elevator object inside my building. Problem is that the floors from the 2nd floor up do not follow the standard story settings of 4000mm elevation. The elevator doors are not aligning with the floors. Can I solve this somehow?

My floor settings are ground floor plus 3 floors with an elevation of 4000 mm. Ground and first floor are 4000 mm high, second floor starts at +1000 mm from the defined 2nd floor, so the floor height of the second floor is 3000mm. 3rd floor starts at 0 from 3rd floor and is 3000 mm high.

I cannot adjust my floor settings as in another part of my building the elevation settings are 4000 mm all the way.

Hope you can help!


Peter de Ruijter - NL, Amsterdam
Erika Epstein
Elevator walls read the story heights set in the file story heights. As there is no way to manually set these heights in the elevator settings box, you must turn off the Show Wall option. Construct the walls of the elevator core as you would any other wall.

You may want consider having this building in a separate file and hotlinking it in as the different story heights may cause you other problems. This won't resolve the elevator problem you have as once hotlinked in the elevator would still read the story heights of the host file.
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