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Adding multiple Objects to GSM Object?


Hi, I am trying to create a new light switch object that works with my Electrical Legend ( I know there is one created in archicad, but it doesnt work the way I would like) I am trying to create one object that can switch between 1, 2, 3 & 4 switches. I have created the. '1 switch' but cannot work out how to add the others in.

I have attached a screen grab on another object I have that shows what I am trying to achieve, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 9.09.23 am.png

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Barry Kelly

If you want multiple choices, then it is not a matter of just saving a selection to create an object.

You will need to get into scripting.

You can use FRAGMENTs if there are just a few options - one fragment for each 2D symbol, you can have up to 16 fragments.

But if there are going to be many then you will need to start using sub-routines for each type.


If you can script in GDL, you should know what I am talking about.

If you can't script in GDL, prepare to put in a fair few hours to learn.



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Add parameter in "Parameters" as in the snip attached.
Add below line to your "Parameter" script:


VALUES "switchType" "1 Switch", "2 Switch", "3 Switch", "4 Switch"

From here in 2D and 3D script you can use gosub

GOSUB switchType

"1 Switch":
!your code

"2 Switch":
!your code


Screenshot 2023-08-31 162525.jpg


Screenshot 2023-08-31 163143.jpg


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Friend: This is my appropriate editing based on the built-in switch of AC, according to Chinese standards, which may meet your requirements for your reference


Hi @MikeRaats_FOX ,


Adding to all the replies, you could also do an ENUM style scripting.


1. Using an integer type parameter that we'll call "type_Switch"


2. In Main script, we create the variables to integers and use an array to label them easily


SWITCH_1 = 1
SWITCH_2 = 2
SWITCH_3 = 3
SWITCH_4 = 4

dim name_SWITCH[4]
	name_SWITCH[1] = "Name of switch 1"
	name_SWITCH[2] = "Name of switch 2"
	name_SWITCH[3] = "Name of switch 3"
	name_SWITCH[4] = "Name of switch 4"



3. In Parameter script, we link the integers to the labels


values{2} "type_Switch"	SWITCH_1, name_SWITCH[SWITCH_1],
						SWITCH_2, name_SWITCH[SWITCH_2],
						SWITCH_3, name_SWITCH[SWITCH_3],
						SWITCH_4, name_SWITCH[SWITCH_4]



4. In the 2D and/or 3D scripts, we go to the part of the code according to the value of the type_Switch parameter :


gosub 10000 + type_Switch ! adding 10000 to give the switch choices a unique ID


10001: ! 10000 + SWITCH_1
    ! Code for 1st switch

10002: ! 10000 + SWITCH_2
    ! Code for 2nd switch

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