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Altering commercial objects

I have downloaded Trimdek roof object from It is in the correct Archicad format but the company has provided it as a wall cladding, and not roof cladding. If I download it onto my roof plan I get it as an elevation, not a plan. This looks like a thick line. When I select it, change the view and try to save it as plan, it refuses to do so. I have forgotten the GDL procedure. Could someone please remind me how it is done?
Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

cornelis wegman architects
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I have made some minor changes to the object (for AC16+), to be suitable for the roof cladding. Check if it is ok for you.

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3D view of the modyfied object on the roof battens:
Roof Cladding - TRIMDEC.jpg

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