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Change default pens for Windows, Doors & Objects?

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Does anyone know how to change the default pens for Windows, Doors & Objects? I have been manually been changing them and saving them as favorites, but this is still time consuming. Thanks for your help.
Change them (the defaults) and save yourself a template, than start a project with it.

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That is what I have been doing, but I was hoping for a way to not have to chance them individually for each window type, etc.
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Hi Dgrooms,

If you want to change the default pen color of a parameter, you'll have to open the gsm file (open library part) and change it in the object parameters window interface.

Personaly... I always avoid to change the standard library parameters... Specially pen sets.... Remember that if the library is updated you will have to do it all again!

Instead of changing each and every pen parameter of the library, you could create your own pen set (based on the standard one, changing the pen colors (and thicknesses) and apply it to your project views, layouts, drawings, etc...

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Thanks. I'll give it a try. Hopefully (in 14 maybe!?!) they can give us a tool to set this stuff up more efficiently and permanently.

dgrooms, if you always want your doors/windows to show with a different default colour/thickness, it might be quicker and more consistent to modify your pen set instead of tinkering around with each and every part in your door/window library.
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