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Check for unique GLOB_ID

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I have a strictly 2d library part that, in an elevation view will be placed several times. The GLOB_ID is shown as part of the object. This object could be placed 100 or more times by the user. Due to human error there is a possibility that the GLOB_ID may not be unique among the placed instances of this object (which is required). All instances of this object will also be on the same layer.

Is there any way to alert the user if he tries to give a newly placed or copied instance of this object an ID that is not unique for that object?

Hope this is clear.

I don't know of a easy way to do that through GDL, as each object would need to write its ID out to a text file or something in order to have the objects check each other. However a far easier solution would be to set up a schedule to list out all of the objects, their IDs and quantity. Then the users just need to check the list occasionally to make sure all IDs are unique.
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