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Coordinate Dimensions 23 showing incorrect coordinates?

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I'm trying to place Coordinate Dimensions 23 markers on a drawing. The coordinates displayed on the coordinates tracker when I mouse over the point are correct, in the example below: (538347526, 584138161). If I then choose to place a Coordinate Dimensions 23 object on the drawing, make it use "Project Origin" for its coordinates and place it on the same point, some entirely different coordinates appear on the marker. Anyone have any idea why this is? See below for screenshots.

Mousing over the point:

Coordinate Dimensions 23 settings:

Before placing the marker:

After placing the marker (different coordinates appear instead):

Thanks for your help.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Is there a specific reason why you modeled your project so extremely far from the Project Origin?
Things can sometimes go wrong when you are very far from the Origin.
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These are the local national coordinates that I need to use for input into on-site equipment. Is there an alternative solution you'd propose? Thanks.

Set your Datum within your Project Preferences, then do everything in your project relative to that?


Use a Survey Point object?

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Andreas _kerlund

A late reply but someone else may have the same issue.
We have had this problem for years. It sadly never seems to be fixed. Moving closer to origin is not an option when the recipients require us to work in real world coordinates.

A cumbersome workaround we use is to copy and paste the whole thing into a new file. Sometimes we also need tio move all the coordinate objects one meter up and then back down to make them recalculate so that they are up to date in the schedule.

Hope this helps!
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