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Following on from my post yesterday, I decided to try and create a custom traditional sash and case window, and this was partially succesfull. However the custom window has very limited adjustable parameters so things like rebated ingoes, options for cills to the opening are no longer available. Is there any way to add these items back to a custom window.


Is it possible, yes. Is it easy, no... The door and window macro's a nightmare to work with... Can you use a Custom Window Sash instead of a Custom Window?

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thanks, with a lot of hard work I think ive got a solution using the model as a means to establish the parameters and annotation lines for the detail work at 1:20 and 1:5. This would be no easy feat in Revit, but eventually you could create a window family,  but not sure how you would create splayed ingoes. AC seems to manage that much better.

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