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Door handle in floor plan?




I haven't found a way to turn on handles in floor plan view for doors and windows (I checked the library part settings and model view options) for the default library parts with symbolic view. Is there a way to do this? I don't want to open doors in 3D and draw the opening lines manually, so using the projected option is not a solution now.


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Oh, i get it now, thank you!
Is it too complicated to make your own door marker? We are thinking here in company, to make our own door marker with specific parameters and symbols, but im not sure if it worth it? (in terms of spending time on learning how to produce custom door marker)

Yves' door marker is a good example, with intelligent use of MVO.


For the investement part, it is up to you. I'm workin atm on Yves' marker for my company to improve the MVO use, but markers does'nt seem to be developped by Graphisoft anymore, so you should invest in coding labels.


Go to hinged door settings > door settins and opening , 3d detail level - FULL > handle and kick board ; select a handle > opening type , 2d and 3d opening angle 50.00 > model attributes, 3d detail level - FULL . 

Now go to floor pland and section of hinged door in settings and Floor plan display set Projected !

As pointed out by the OP, the issue with doing this is that it does it not show opening lines and is linked to the 3D opening angle / length which means it will impact your elevations, sections and 3D views.

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Bruno Zietz

- Turn on your handle;

- 3D openning angle with 90º;

- In Floor Plan Display (Element Settings) > Projected with Overhead;


Make sure your door options in model view option are correct.

Hi Yves where is this on the Archi-Cadlink forum ?



If you want the door brand for the French library
On Archi-CADLink forum you must register and introduce yourself.
You will then have access to the objects to download section.

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