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Editable door/window frame profile


Hi everyone.
I suggest Archicad developers to refine the standard library door and window elements.
I suggest an editable frame profile for windows and doors. For example as this is done in the curtain wall - can used own profiles. There are a lot of frame types available. Wooden, pvc, prefabricated metal ...
Example attached in the screenshot.
Unfortunately with standard means so far this is a long time to do.

Well, or as an option to give the opportunity to insert a curtain wall in the standard wall. To avoid adding an empty opening, and then insert the door created by the curtain wall there. You understand that when you move the curtain wall, you have to move the empty openings behind them as well.

Or give us the option to save the curtain wall as a new editable door/window, keeping the anchor points to form the opening.


There are many wishes for the ability to define window and door frames and sills using Complex Profiles. Here are a few;

Complex Profile Jambs 2018:
Window Door Update 2021:

Custom Casings:


Creating a Thread:




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The slogan "Excellent planning down to the last detail" is not working ((
And I end up having to do the detailing manually every time. I insert a DWG file of the PVC profile in the section and show the insulation, membrane, indentation on the outside... That's fine. But why don't we have the simple ability to be at the same time as the main modern technologies?
70% of the time is spent on the drawings. And 30% of the time is spent on planning and visualisation.
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