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Editing 2D GDL objects

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I have created several 2D GDL objects, but when I created them, didn't take into account the "true line weight". I tried to edit the object with the 2D script and changed the pen number with no effect. How do you edit the line weight after the object is created.

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Eduardo Rolon
See this post

AFAIK the advice for the hotspots also applies to lineweights
For #1
Open the object - File > Libraries > Open Object
Open 2D display Window
Put the Hotspots where you need them
You can also add fills for the cut elements
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Karl Ottenstein
It depends on how you created your 2D objects.

If the 2D content is entirely in the 2D Symbol window (drawn there, or pasted from elsewhere), then you need to verify the pens used for the elements there.

If the 2D content is scripted in the 2D Script, then you need to modify the PEN commands.

But, in any case, when you place any object, the object tool lets you choose to use the pens of the object or to OVERRIDE them with a single pen. Make sure you have the proper setting selected.

Finally, if your display options must be set to True Weight, of course.

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Creating 2D Objects and Preview Picture
Draw your object in plan view: Save with File>Libraries and Objects>Save Project as…file is saved as a *.gsm (Make sure the A-Mark-Elev is turned off)
Do a File>Save as and save file as a *.png type.
Do a File>Open (select your png file) and click upper right to lower left. Edit>Copy. Close window.
File>Libraries and Ojects>Open Object. Select “Preview Window” and Paste Object
Save Changes.

This is the procedure I use to create a 2d object. Since I didn't save a plan view of the object is there anyway to edit the "gsm" file.

I was able to adjust ltwgt when inserting so this will help if all else fails.


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