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looking for palm tree elevations

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I'm looking for palm tree elevation objects - preferably in the same style as the others that come in AC library - but can't find any in the library or elsewhere.

I've looked at objects online, but didn't see any there - does anyone know where I might some some?

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As far as I remember there were some decent ones in the old AC libraries.
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yes the old versions (ac6.0 or older - cant remember) had some realy nice 2d trees that disapeared in later versions. You could try finding some dwg or dxf versions since if it is only 2d that you need.

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thanks for the responses - I was hoping to find some like the others in the library as I like the ability to change the transparency, color, etc.

still looking....
Dennis Lee
I was looking for the exact same, and ended up making my own.
Here is the link:
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