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Editing existing library parts to solve 2d symbol problem

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Hello, this is kind of a GDL object/Schedule question. I'm trying to solve the problem listed here:

However this person was using a 2d symbol they created themselves. I'm using the pre-existing light objects, and i'd like to create a schedule list that just contains the symbols. But the light symbols show rotated because I have lights rotated in different directions in plan.

Is it possible to do something similar to the solution in the post above, but for pre-existing objects, such as Lights and furniture.

I'm trying to have my symbols produce automatically on my light schedule. This way i don't have to manually add which lights i've used in a project.


using archicad 15 btw
Barry Kelly
Unfortunately you will need to edit the library part.
That means either saving it as a new object and using that or saving over the existing object and never updating your library again (or upgrading to a new version) unless you want to make this change again also.
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