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Fast Efficient Furniture; GDL, ArchiCAD and/or Rhino

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I have been experimenting with better, faster, more efficient ways to produce furniture for interior. I am playing with GDL objects, as making finishes changes will be most important once objects are made.

But to script an object each and every time, is time consuming and super inefficient for quick objects. And sorry to say, extremely hard to do with limited programming skills!
I have been playing with modelling the objects in ArchiCAD, then saving as objects. Then bootleging the GDL Autoscript. Again, completely inefficient, due to the limitation in Modelling with ArchiCAD. And it is just isn't as smooth going as the manuals say?
Finally, I have been using Rhino to model the furniture, and importing straight in, which is simple and accurate. Though there's issue with changing finishes for anything but straight colours, does not appear to work. And again, trying to bootleg the script, does not appear to work. As it does not appear to register any changes made within the script, and probably a whole of user error mixed in.

So the question is, maybe not so quick, is there a fast and efficient way to make furniture, which is beyond basic slab and wall? With some basic parametric qualities, without needing another four year degree in programming?
ArchiCAD produces the best quality architectural outcome, but it's interior limitations are a severe downfall. What is the best way of dealing with this??!
Thank you!!!
Probably ModelPort. This would mean using one of the bizillion pieces of furniture that have already been made, although not necessarily in GDL.

If you insist on creating the geometry yourself, probably Sketchup.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC26 (since AC6.0), Win10
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They are really good pieces of advise..
Though just because you can find something nice in Modelport, does not mean I can find it in my district/state/country. And most on ModelPort are locked to editing or changes. So allot only have limited changes available in finishes, to what is available from the manufacture, not mine.

As a designer you would know, furniture and furnishing are not, and should not, be standardised. Even if it does make life easier. So having a way to Paramatise a project at the back end easily. Will break down any excuses used to standardise design outcomes.
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