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Favorties and new versions of ArchiCAD

Hello all,

If I were to develop favorites for an particular object, lets say a door for conversation purposes, will these favorites migrate from one version of ArchiCAD to another?

Robert J. Garand
Dale Gardon Design
ArchiCAD USA 26-Build 5002 USA FULL
Windows 10 Prof (64 bit)
Intel i9-10920X CPU 3.50 GHz (128 GB RAM)
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000

Rick Thompson
Mine do, but if the door had some major code changes you would most likely need to resave it, which would not be that big a deal. I use Favorites regularly and think the more effort you put into developing a good Fav menu the better off your productivity will be.
Rick Thompson

Mac Sonoma AC 26
Mac M2 studio w/ display

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