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GDL objects developed in A19

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Nice to meet you all.
I have a little problem. I just developed my first GDL object in ArchiCAD 19, but I tried to open it in ArchiCAD 18 but i can't. There is a message that say "unknown version. v19."
Is there any option to migrate the object or do it compatible with ArchiCAD 18?
Thank you.

Erwin Edel
This used to work in previous versions: put object in embedded library (if it is not there already), save the project as ArchiCAD18 project, open it in ArchiCAD18. The embedded object should be ArchiCAD18 object now.

There might still be problems, as GDL is also constantly updated with new releases (as far as I know).
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Barry Kelly
Otherwise it is create a new object in 18 and create all the parameters based on the 19 object.
You can copy and paste each part of the parameters and then also copy and paste each script.
Then save and you have an 18 object.

Embedding and backward saving will be easier though especially if there are a lot of parameters.
It may even keep the same GUID - not sure about that though.
The copy and paste method will not.

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same problem here.

Do I understand correctly ?:
It is impossible to write an object in AC19 or AC18 and save it so that after saving to a .gsm it can be opened in AC 16 for example ?

Is that true ?

I was just about to share my object with a friend working in AC16 ( I work on AC19 ) and he does import it in the Library Manager but can't use it on the drawing (does not appear in the Embeded Library when using the Object (chair icon)).

without being too precise - basically I can't remember exactly what I did - but solving this problem involves taking the objects GUID and putting it into the backward migration script.

I recall looking at an existing object as an example and then applying the same logic to my v19 part.
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