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Library AC13 to AC16

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Hello all,

I was hoping someone could help me with a problem.

I had Archicad 13 installed.

I also installed archicad 16.

Now both are installed.

I created a project in Archicad 16 and added some objects from the library, as well as some BIM from the online depository.

My question is: when I open the file on a computer that is only running AC16 all of my objects (mostly tables, chairs e.t.c.) do not display. They only show as 'hotspots'. How do I remove my AC13 library (on the computer with both 13&16) and change the objects to the 16 library without individually replacing them all?

Many thanks in advance,


Select the similar objects - like one type of windows - go to the properties.

Now - find the corresponding window in AC 16 library and click on it with syringe shortcut (CTRL+ALT on PC...I do not remember the MAC shortcut) - all (in best case scenario) parameters from old window will be put into the new one.

Alternatively You may use migration libraries to use the old parts not having the old prog version installed.

Best Regards,

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Wow , thanks Piotr,

So what if I have a number (lots) of different furnishings? Can I only change one at a time (or rather, one set)

And is it for example chairs? or only one type of chair?

I'm a bit unfamiliar with migration libraries. Does that "attach" or "imbed" the objects?



Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You should also check out the "Consolidate Libraries" option that is available in the Library Manager Dialog. Check out the ArchiCAD Help for detailed explanation and instructions.

There is also a Wiki article on LIbrary Migration and Consolidation:
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