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Make an lamp object "scaleable"

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I would like to resize ArchiCAD's chandelier lamp. When placing in ArchiCAD, it comes in at almost 4 foot diameter. I would like to at least double the size of it; understanding that all of it, including light bulbs, will increase in size. But when I change the size (proportionally by activating the chain link) the hotspots comply but the object remains at it's fixed 4 foot diameter.

Any idea how I can make the chandelier components "scaleable" so I can resize it? Is there a GDL code I need to modify or input? Is it restricted because the chandelier object is actually a lamp? If the lighting becomes inaccurate after scaling the components, that is fine - I can always have them turned off and add lighting through Artlantis since I would prefer to have a large size chandelier than the minuscule 4 foot diameter one.


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
In the 2D Script you can use the MUL2 command (MUL for multiplication) to resize the 2D of the chandelier.
In the 3D Script, use the MUL command.
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Graphisoft Alumni
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I entered this request into our database. We'll make resizing available in the Chandelier object some time. Most probably for v15.

Zsolt Táskai
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Thanks for reading these threads and updating the AC Libraries! Laszlo, your MUL command worked just fine. And to add further detail, I was able to scale it any way I wanted along the X, Y or Z by typing at top of the 3D script similar to:

MULx 3
MULy 3
MULz 2.5

This makes it 3 times as large along the X and Y, but only 2.5 times larger in height (we didn't want the height to grow as large as the length and width).

Thanks again - I am basic when it comes to GDL and am glad the resolution was just as basic as this.

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