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Making A GDL object from another

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How can I create another object from a current (and then make changes)
ie Electrical symbol: weather proof receptacle. It is the receptacle symbol with a WP by it. I want it to be WP GFCI.
Under lighting the symbols have text that is editable, but not the "basic electrical" symbols. So I am stumped

Thanks for help in advance.

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1. Insert that object on the plan (prefferable at 0,0,0 coordinates)
2. Select it; menu File / Libraries and Objects / Save Selection As... /
Name: (type in the name), Type: (.gsm), Save to: (Embedded Library) /
3. Now you can modify the new created object: select it, File / Libraries and Objects / Open Object...Welcome to the GDL world.
4. Make the modifications, then Save.
5. You can export that object in a folder of your choice from the Library Manager, to use it in other projects

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