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Maxwell Emitter Object Issue

not sure if this belongs here or in the Rendering forum so I've put it in both.

I'm trying to code some lamp objects which will have an emitter material applied, so automatically emit light when in Maxwell.

However, I'm hitting the 'Triangles associated with emitter material' issue when it gets exported to Maxwell.

I've thought of a possible workaround but not sure how to best implement it:
Some objects seems to export as a single Maxwell object with multiple materials.

Others however arrive in Maxwell as a group of Maxwell objects within a containing folder.

Tests show me that Maxwell doesn't have a problem with one of the objects in the folder being an emitter.

If I can get my GDL lamp object to arrive in Maxwell as a series of separate elements rather than as one multi-material object, then problem solved.

Does anyone know what determines how Maxwell breaks up or combines the various object parts? It doesn't seem to be whether or not they're touching.


Karl Ottenstein
derekjackson wrote:
not sure if this belongs here or in the Rendering forum so I've put it in both.
The things you're asking about are more closely related to GDL, and so I've deleted the duplicate post. (Please do not post in multiple forums - pick what seems the best fit, or break the question down into smaller questions where each fits the appropriate forum.)

Your best first step would be to test the existing lamp objects and see which of them work as you wish in Maxwell and export as desired... then study/copy the code.

For the specific question about how the Maxwell for ArchiCAD exporter (assume that's the one you're using) works... THAT would be a question for the rendering forum - or for their support team. Not many people are using it, but hopefully someone has more info.

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Got there in the end, thanks to a chap on the Maxwell forum.

Once I updated my Acad plugin to 2.7.5, the plugin was able to work out which parts of the code were emitter and which were not, and separate the object into two Maxwell objects.
Right, this is weird - the problem is back.

Using the new exporter, the lamp object that exported fine before is now throwing up the error again. And I haven't changed it

I've also made two other lamp objects from scratch, all with different code (one for a spotlight, one for a striplight), and all three give the error.

Anyone had any further thoughts about why the exporter can't separate the emitter material? Or anything I could add to the GDL code to make it explicit? Any help on this would be great!
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