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Polyline (accessory)

Pertti Paasky
Hi GS!
I found a new object subtype "Polyline accessory" in AC18.
Sounds interesting. Any examples? How to use it?
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George M. Moore, Jr.
Some years ago - i found this after deep internet research :

It seems to describe the possibility to follow the polygone of a wall and give it to an array-which is then usable for GDL-Operations - for AC-Version 10.

The problem is - its not working!

Maybe this library-extensions are not implementet any more in the version 18
or it was meant very different to my poor "understandings".

The document seems to be part of a much larger documentary - but its not possible for me to find the root-directory of it. It is not listed in Graphisofts-homepage.

Obviously - Graphisoft developers where thinking of this topic too - what makes me hope - some day there could be a solution for getting polygones usable for GDL out of normal Archicad-Elements like slabs and walls - which we can follow ith our gdl-programs!
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That's a nice tool. But unfortunately I can find it now on my Pc. Should be on the same location if I recall well.
Design/Design Extras/Accessory/Polyline Accessory.
I can't see it and I don't know why. I create actually one object and works fine. You can place an object in the same way you create a polyline(click after click)
Should I reinstall the accessory tool? Or It's other Addon?
Hope to make sense, What I've wrote. Sometimes my english level creates confusions

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