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Railing tool - profiled post on plan

Hi all

Is there any way to display profiled post properly on plan? Don't see any option for this in railing or in MVO settings.



I just gave it a quick try and it doesn't seem to work.

Even forgetting the macro call and just changing the post script to PROJECT2 doesn't work.

But oddly if I script a CIRCLE2 it does show a circle.


So it will draw what you want it to draw.

It is just finding out how to get the custom profile shape.

Maybe there is no PROJECT2 view of a custom profile?


Maybe it will be a case of REQUESTing the profile geometry and then reconstructing it with a polygon?

I don't have time to explore this at the moment though.




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Thanks for looking into it @Barry Kelly 


Definitely something to explore further because I doubt I'm the only one that would love to see this as a possibility. Perhaps they need to be done as morph's as per your original test rather than complex profiles? I do wonder if this would limit the vertical flexibility however.


The application to show profiled steel members would also be really helpful.  



Erik Bjornhage

I'll jump on this thread with a related issue. I'm trying to create a solution for hedging using the railing tool - i.e. using Inner Posts as plants of different sizes and spcifying planting distance. This should then be able to be quantified simply by counting inner and outer posts.


The problem:

The 2D symbol always defaults to a size that fits into a 1000mmx1000mm bounding box - no matter which size the symbol is drawn.

I have "plants" that are 800mm diameter and 2000mm dia - all show up as 1000 "symbol"

Screenshot attached with all different options. To the left is the original symbol - to the right is the railing.

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Is there a MUL2 at the start of your plant scripts? My guess is that it is scaling it to a unit size so that it can be correlated to A and B. That is what occurs when you save something out of the floorplan.




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Erik Bjornhage

Thanks Ling,

I will have a look.

I have gone the easy route and just saved 3D and 2D from work space - so have not double checked the script.

DELL Precision 5570
i7-12700H, 64 GB, RTX A2000 [8GB]
AC12 - future

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