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Report error - library object - wrong vert index

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Our office is working on interior design so furniture needs to be the actual one (can't work with placeholders)
We imported an object that keeps returning "wrong vert index" error. Do you know what it means and how I can fix it?
Also, the report sais "wrong vert index at line 521"& "wrong vert index at line 668". I opened the library part and looked at the script. The thing is this object has less than 100 lines in the 3D script so there is no line 521 or line 668.

This project is modeled in Archicad 22
64-bit operating system

Thank you,
Ana Matei

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
So, you are saying that after importing, the resulting GDL Object gives this message? Then I believe the conversion process was not successful if it resulted in a faulty GDL Object. Does the GDL Object appear in 2D or 3D? Is there any useful geometry generated?

GDL Objects have the Master Script, which is executed as part of other scripts, like the 2D script, 3D script. So probably the lines within the Master Script are also included in the Line Count. You would have to deduct the number of lines found in the Master Script to calculate which line in the 3D script LIne 521 is?

The info about the VERT command in GDL can be found here:

Maybe if you ZIP the GDL file and post it here, we can take a look at it, but I am not certain it can be fixed if this is the state it is in right after conversion.
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