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Rotate the model for PROJECT2?

I would like to use PROJECT2{4} on a door/window, so a cut view can be shown in plan. Since D/W are built face down, and the P2{4} cut planes are parallel to the XY plane, how could this be done? I tried rotation in the 3D script using

GLOB_SCRIPT_TYPE=2, but this seems to have no effect. Any ideas appreciated.

James Murray

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This works poorly as you cannot control the pens and end up with a uniform thickness... The {4} functions do not work in this situation either. Below is my exploration thread from a few years back, and a thread with a way you can create a "cut" though this cut has major shortfalls too. In the end, I just went and fully scripted the 2D view...




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Barry Kelly

I am not sure about the cut planes with the {4} version.

But isn't is just a matter of setting a side view (4) instead of top view (3) for the Projection Code.

And then set the angle (270 will be from the front\bottom, 90 should be from the top/back).

So for a side view from the bottom end of the window ... PROJECT2{4} 4, 270, .........



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