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Hello all -
I'm having trouble with a relatively simple part. All I want to do is modify the "Cube 12" library part so it displays some text that reads horizontally with its anchor point (which is the center of the text) at the exact center of the object regardless of the rotation of the object. I can get the text to be at the center of the object, but cant for the life of me figure out how to make it stay horizontal AND still centered within the object when the object is rotated. I am using it in conjunction with a basic equipment schedule so merely swapping the length & width parameters to achieve the same rotated effect would result in an additional line item in the schedule, which kinda defeats the purpose. Basically I want the text to rotate about its anchor point & not the object origin point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i'm not sure, but you may get the text within the coordinate transformations of Cube 12. It would be easier to help if you attach your modified object. Only if its public.


Barry Kelly
If you have added your own text to the standard cube object in the default Archicad library then my guess is all you need to do is add a ROT command before the text to counter-act the object rotation that the user can set in the object settings dialogue.

This will not counter-act the rotations that can be set in the parameters of the object but the 2D view is just a PROJECT2 and does not actually rotate anything in the script.

So just add the red bits around your text2 command.

TEXT2 0,0, text_string

If that is not it then you might want to share your script or object.
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