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Use Outlines With GDL

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i'm making GDL wood shutter for "savoyard" architecture style (that's in alpes)
the problem is that eveybody make different cuting in their shutter, somebodies draw heart , other trees, animal, circle, etc...

so i want to make the possibility for the user to draw is own cutting outline that he can save with the GDL object. To make this i thought to use the archicad outline, cause it's easy to draw with this.

How i want to make this:
1-The user draw easily his outline, with the outlie drawer of archicad and save it

2-The GDL object read in the saved aat. file and the user can choose is outline on a list in the Object Interface.

3- After with extruding and subgrouping the GDL create the holl with the drawed forme

so my questions are:
-I supposed that Outlines are saved in aat. files but i'm not sure. is it ?

-can i open/save aat. files from gdl script?

- i saw that we can save outline in Text file but their is no coordinates....

-Is their any solution to use archicad outline with GDL Object ?

thanks for your help..
David Maudlin
Jevrod wrote:
-I supposed that Outlines are saved in aat. files but i'm not sure. is it ?

aat files store project file attributes (layers, materials, etc., see the Attribute Manager), they do not store project elements, so this will not work. You might take a look at how ArchiCAD handles Custom Components (for example, a custom cabinet door) for ideas on approaching this problem.

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Yeah i don't thought about that

i tried and it's ok

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