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Using parameter buffers for a dynamic polygon




I am looking to create something like a fill object. It doesn't need any curved sides but I would like to be able to add and remove points using nodes. I currently have an object working where I can add and remove nodes to increase the number of lines to create a fill but it is limited in that I have made if statements specifically for number of sides up to 10. I would ideally like to be able to have it automated beyond that without having to create an if statement for each possibility. I have nodes that can create additional lines infinitely, it's just a case of being able to automate those points into being a poly / fill. The only way I can possibly see this working is by using the parameter buffer but I haven't had any experience with it and I'm not even sure if this is something that's possible.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

The best way would be to modify the dynamic poly line object that sincev6 has shared. 

Barry Kelly

If you have a polyline object, you quite possibly have everything you need already.


I just tried with one I have and in the 2D script it places a POLY2 and GETs the parameters from a stored array.

It is a very old version of the dynamic polyline object SenecaDesign mentioned.


So that object uses PUT to store the parameters and GET to retrieve them

It draws the POLY2 but has a frame fill status of '1' - so it doesn't close the ployline and doesn't add a fill.

So just make sure you SET the fill you want before the POLY2 command, and change the frame status to '7'.


If your polyline object does not use a POLY2 for the output, then we will have to think of something else, or use the dynamic polyline object.



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